How To Encourage Your Children To Be More Active!

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Children staying active is crucial for your child's overall physical and cognitive development. Whether your kids are bouncing off the walls at the most inconvenient times, or they seem to be slightly lazier, encouraging your kids to be active in their day to day should be a priority for you as their parent. It is becoming increasingly hard for parents today to get their kids outside and exercise in the digital age. It can be tempting to allow your child to stay inside and play on their tablet, but getting them outside and engaging with other children will be the most beneficial thing for their development.

If you are struggling to keep your children active and away from their phones, take a look at the following suggestions as to how you can encourage your children to be more active:

Sign them up for school sports

First things first, you might believe your children are getting enough exercise during their PE lessons during school hours, however, your children will benefit even more by signing up for school sports. From football to netball to skateboarding, schools today offer lessons on a range of different exercises that children of all abilities can benefit from. Ask your children's school for the list of sports classes they offer to children before and after school, and allow your children to try the omens they are most interested in. This will likely take some encouragement. Ask the parents of your children's school friends if they would also like to join your children in trying out this sport. This is just another incentive for your children to get stuck in!

Help them find a sport they love 

Once they have signed up for a few sports classes with the school they enjoy, also find a weekend sport that will keep them busy and active. Finding somewhere for them to get their energy out over the weekend will not only benefit their health, but it will give you as the parent less crazy energy to deal with over the weekend! Organized sports should as local football teams are always handy, also classes such as gymnastics and dance are a favorite amongst children. If you like to step outside of the box and let your children explore the full scope of fitness classes, you may even consider rock climbing or horse riding. Some classes will be more expensive than others, so just make sure you aren't overspending.

Take them on trails over the weekend 

Weekend trails are also amazing for getting the whole family out and active. It also gives your children the chance to be explorers and see all of the different sights and creatures that nature has to offer. See which trails are close to you within driving or train distance. Stick to flat ground trails if you have younger children, and take things up a notch as they get older and want to explore more vast landscapes. 

Skip driving them to school 

An easy yet effective way to encourage your children to get more exercise is to skip driving to school, and instead walk or ride to school. If your children's school is within a 5-mile radius you have no excuse not to cycle or scooter to school with your children. There are safe scooters available for the kids that can be easily folded up and placed in a backpack, allowing you to ride your fast electric scooter home without restraint!

Inspire them with athletes

Children who have an idol who is an athlete are much more likely to stick to a sport to become like that person. If your children do not have a famous athlete that they idolize, help them to find one! Encourage them to watch docu-series about the inspiring journeys of athletes, and take them to sporting events in which their favourite athlete will be performing. Things such as posters in their room are also a great way to inspire them each day to go out into the world and be like their idol. 

Make time for rest

Last but not least, you need to also make time for rest. If your children already take part in many different extracurricular activities, you do not want to burn them out. Allow them a day of chilling with you and simply having fun. This might be a trip to the cinema with friends, or simply letting them have a pyjama day with some sweet treats!

Bottom line

Overall, encouraging your children to get more exercise can be difficult, especially when it is not the norm for them. Allow them to take part in after-school clubs, expand the range of sports they take part in until they find one they love, and also ride to school instead of driving when possible.

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