The Reality Of Living In Foreign Countries

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The comfort zone that foreign countries provide to their people is the major reason that international students don’t plan to come back to their hometowns. A very massive crowd of international students come here to earn and flourish in their careers. It is incredible to live in foreign countries, especially, the US, Canada, Australia, etc. 

Well, there are so many Instagram reels that reveal the negative side of living in foreign nations. There is no denying the fact that struggle is necessary to survive. However, this would be quite less than the struggle that you have to do in your own country. 

The problem is that India lacks efficiency in governing the Private company’s rules and regulations. We don’t want to defame or honor any country. But all we are going to present is the reality at its best. 

India lacks efficiency in governing the private company’s rules and regulations and this is the major reason that people in India fiercely apply for government jobs or travel to the foreign nation. Facilities abroad also make these countries a better place to live.

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The Reality of Living In Foreign Countries:

The following pointers will illustrate the reality of living in foreign countries. 

The comfort zone 

The rules, regulations, and policies abroad make the lives of the people living here quite easy.  The private companies are strictly regulated and financial discrimination is quite less in comparison to India. The working hours system is planned to promote the well-being of the people living here. After your working hours in the company, you will have sufficient time for yourself which is quite impossible when you are living in your own home country until you are not working in a well-reputed company.  

This comfort zone is quite less in the lives of international students. However, after the completion of the course, they will be able to manage their lives well. 

Salary package

No matter what people say, when working abroad, you get a very good salary package. This salary package is enough to help you live a good lifestyle abroad. However, it is up to you how you are going to manage your budget here. 

Along with that, people here have observed a hike in the rent and purchasing power. But still, it is easy to manage your survival abroad in comparison to foreign nations. 


Facilities abroad are the major reason that makes these foreign nations a better place to live. In India, the quality of the products is often compromised. It is very hard for people to get the original product even after paying the required amount for it. 

Also, the traffic lights system, the working hours policies for students and employees, the quality of the products, the neat and clean environment, and the management of policies all make living in these foreign countries quite incredible. 


The police abroad are very sincere in their duty. They are very active. For sure, India is also making its police quite active with the help of technology. It is very appreciative. In foreign nations, you just need to dial a three-numbered toll-free number to get instant help from authorities. It is incredible how successfully the police perform their duty and make the lives of the people safe.

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It is incredible to live in foreign nations. Don’t believe in the truth exposed by social media sites. Be wise and connect with genuine people to know the reality of living there. You can’t deny that struggle is essential to survive, no matter which country you are living in. Therefore, living abroad is always going to be beneficial until India doesn’t come with an act on managing the private company’s rules and regulations and other facilities.

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