Black Friday Hacks: Save Hundreds On Your Fashion Haul

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Black Friday is nearly among us. With Christmas gifts to buy and winter wardrobes to perfect, now is the best time to gather all of the things you have been wanting and add them to your wish list. Each year we see bigger savings from the brands we love most, but more often than not, we miss out on that one amazing deal we have been dying to get our hands on. Whether being too slow or simply not staying in the loop of the best deals, there is a correct way to go about the Black Friday sales. 

In this blog post, we are going to share the most up-to-date tricks on bagging yourself a beauty. That new designer winter coat at retail prices is calling your name, so get ready and take on board our suggestions:

Collate the brands you love most 

First, the key to mastering Black Friday is to whittle down your favourite clothing brands. There is no use scrolling through thousands of different websites to find items you are not even sure you want. Keep it simple, and gather the brands you have had your eye on for some time now. Whether it's a super fitness brand for top-range running shoes or going-out dresses that you have been dying to try, keep a list of brands you would like to treat yourself to. This will simplify your search when it comes to the big day. 

This does not mean you can have a sneaky look at any other brands that may pop up, but keep the brands you love in mind when looking for the hottest sales out there. If it is a brand you have bought from before, this will also guarantee the quality and fit you are looking for and not leave you second-guessing. 

Follow or sign up for pre-sales 

Next, you will be surprised at how much information you can gather from social media and newsletters. Think of yourself as a detective when looking through the social media platforms of your favourite brands. 

Have they mentioned the anticipated sales to expect? Is there an early release sign-up so you can grab your goods before everyone else? Don’t skip checking out the socials of your favourite brands, as you will likely find some Black Friday gold on there. Knowledge is key!

Create a wishlist 

Also, in preparation for Black Friday chaos, you should always have a wishlist ready. It is okay if there is nothing specific in mind that you are looking for, but if there are items you have been dreaming of for the last few months, write them down to avoid disappointment. 

Imagine the heartbreak of finding out your friend got herself your dream bag for a fraction of the price. It’s unimaginable. Use your notes app and attach links to the products you want; therefore, you have immediate access to them once the sale commences. 

Go to the back of the store 

Now, if you are brave enough to venture into the physical stores during Black Friday, be sure to run to the back of the store before anywhere else. An industry secret to keep in mind is that retail stores keep their best deals at the back of the shop. 

These will also be the hottest items that everyone is looking for, and you simply can’t miss out on them. Be prepared to put up a fight, but you will come out a champion when you have the best Christmas party dresses that cost a bargain!

Download apps 

Additionally, you should not neglect the importance of downloading apps. Picture this: you are about to check out your designer Prada bag, discounted 80% from its retail price, and suddenly the website crashes! It's a true nightmare, but if you have a backup plan with the website's app downloaded, the chances of disaster are significantly reduced! 

Download the app for the brand you are looking to spend some cash on. You may also be lucky enough to experience exclusive in-app discounts 

Black Friday in-store or online

Finally, you may be questioning whether it is better to rush to the sales in-store or tap away online to find the best deals on Black Friday. The question of which is better is highly dependent on your patience and whether you know your store of choice will be offering exclusive discounts in-store or online.

It is important to keep in mind that the sales will likely span across the weekend of Black Friday, all the way to ‘Cyber Monday’. The truth is, Cyber Monday will be the same as Black Friday, so choose which one is best for you at that time, or do both!

Bottom line

Overall, a successful Black Friday requires strategic planning and dedication. Compile a list of your favourite brands, keep an eye on social media for pre-sale and Black Friday information, create your wish list and also make sure if you visit the physical store, you check the back of the shop! Your wardrobe will be sorted for the foreseeable seasons as long as you follow these steps and find timeless fashion pieces!

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