Myths About Mobile Notary Services You Should Not Believe in

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Looking for notary services in California or any other place means standing in queues to get the document notarized.

Bad idea? Right?

So, to save you time, here come mobile notary services in California. Additionally, as per the reports, the global mobile notary public market size is anticipated to be valued at about US$1,885.3 million by 2033.

But you may know that every facility comes with lots of misconceptions, and the same is true in the case of mobile notary services.

If you are new to the field and don’t know how to differentiate between myths and facts, then you have come to the right place. Here, we’ll tell you common myths about mobile notary services in California, which you should not believe in.


Mobile notary services are costly

Mobile notary services are expensive as compared to traditional notary services, which is one of the biggest myths that ever existed. However, when you break down the fee structure of mobile notary services, then you will find the prices reasonable. Additionally, your travel and parking will get cut.

Mobile notaries are non-reliable

You may agree that reliability and professionalism are essential when it is a matter of legal documents or legal matters. So, here comes another myth which says mobile notary services can be anything but not reliable. Well, the fact is you should hire a licensed mobile notary service that makes sure you receive the right service. The professional notary is trained to handle your notarization needs efficiently. Additionally, you can check the testimonials and reviews for your satisfaction.

Mobile notaries are inefficient

Mobile notary services in Los Angeles are slow and inefficient, which is another misconception that you should not believe. In reality, the notaries come well prepared with all the important forms, stamps and equipment, which makes the mobile notary efficient process without any delays.

Mobile notaries only work during normal business hours

While government offices may offer notary services during normal business hours, that's not just the case. Some mobile notary services provide 24-hour-a-day service in notarizing documents, such as Power Of Attorney, health care directives, estate Planning, Minor Travel Consent, Jail Signing Services, etc.

Mobile notarizing legalizes the document

Many of you might think that if you have notarized your document, then your documents have become legalised, which is not true. A mobile notary simply means you will hire a person who will become a partial witness in notarizing your document or will come to your given location so that your document can become verified. In all this, remember you only covered half the path because notarization does not mean your document has become legal.

Mobile notaries provide limited services

It is believed that Los Angeles mobile notary services are not limited to services only. The fact is mobile notary services provide you with several services. Whether you need notarization for real estate, power of attorney, loan documents, In-person apostille, etc.

In short, you should not believe in the misconception that mobile notaries have restricted capabilities. They are versatile services that can meet your requirements. 


Now you have come to know about some popular myths which you should not believe. Also, while hiring a notary service, you should remember that all misconceptions are not true, such as mobile notaries providing limited services, their availability only during business hours or notaries being inefficient.

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