Timeless Fusion: Blending Antiques with Contemporary Furniture and Décor

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There are no rules when it comes to decorating your home. The most important thing is to create a cozy and inviting space you will love. This might mean different things to different people. 

You should also know that the most livable and inviting interiors are those that incorporate elements and furniture from different eras of home design. 

So, if mixing antiques and contemporary décor and furniture appeals to you, go for it. However, before you start decorating your home, there are some tips you should know about. So, let’s check them out.

Start by finding the common theme and the right balance

When blending antiques and contemporary elements, you should find a common theme between them so that they create a coherent look and feel. If you don’t do this, you risk creating an incoherent and unbalanced design. 

Combine old and new décor and furniture that have the same colors, that are made of similar materials, or that feature a repetitive pattern. The goal is for antique and contemporary elements to have at least one common attribute.

Another thing to consider is the scale. Keep in mind that antique furniture was made for different kinds of spaces and lifestyles. So, make sure that dark and heavy wood pieces are placed near walls, and next to them are pieces that are lighter and more delicate.

Find a way to create the right balance so the space doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Think about incorporating the 80/20 rule

If you’re struggling with creating the right balance when decorating with old and new elements, consider the 80/20 rule. This rule can be very effective when trying to blend modern and antique furniture.

Assuming that most of your furniture is modern and you only have several antique pieces, following the 80/20 rule can be a great way to strike the right balance. This means that 80% of your furniture and décor will be contemporary, while the other 20% will be antiques. 

Don’t be afraid to repurpose or refinish

Let’s say that you have inherited an old heirloom furniture or décor piece and you want to incorporate it into your décor but it just doesn’t fit. Don’t worry, because you can always repurpose or refinish it. 

Generally, repurposing old antique furniture is not recommended because that’s how it loses its value. However, you can always consult with antique experts from Sydney Mobile French Polishing on how to restore or refinish your antique piece, so that it fits your current design.

They can suggest giving the piece fresh upholstery with a modern flair that won’t sacrifice the charm or the value of your antique piece.

Use antiques as accent pieces

In many cases, not everyone has the budget or the space for large antique statement pieces. That doesn’t mean that you should completely forget the idea of blending antique and modern design.

Antiques can also be very effective as accent pieces. Smaller antique items can make a significant impact in different spaces. A small furniture piece such as a side table, or a décor piece such as an antique vase, can make a great impact.

For instance, an antique rug, or a light can be organically incorporated into your design.

Antiques as statement pieces

On the other hand, you can make a huge impact in a modern room by incorporating a large antique statement piece. You may have a large, bold armoire or a massive dining table that can serve as a great statement piece.

If the piece doesn’t quite fit your design, you can always repurpose or refinish it to make it fit better. This antique piece shouldn’t overpower the rest of your contemporary furniture and décor, but it should be a perfect statement piece.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your design

Your antique pieces used to have a certain function in the past. Today that’s probably no longer the case, which means that you can experiment with them.

Your antique rug doesn’t necessarily need to be used as a rug anymore. You can incorporate it into your design as a tapestry, hang it on the wall, and make it an amazing statement piece.

Similarly, you can transform old vases into lights and old, antique tables can be used as kitchen islands. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative when it comes to incorporating and blending antiques with contemporary elements.

Bottom Line

Incorporating or mixing antiques with modern elements will always be popular. You don’t need to stick to a certain decade or era to create a cozy and inviting interior. 

Quite the contrary, finding ways to blend new and old is what will make your interior more inviting and livable. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and mix antique and modern elements in your design.

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