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Summary/Overview: Are you trying to find an application that allows you to export Thunderbird emails to an EML file for Windows? Or are you trying to figure out how to swiftly convert files from Thunderbird to the EML type for the Windows OS?


We can help you with these sorts of internet searches, and you can now easily and quickly convert your converted Thunderbird emails to EMMU in a format that includes all of the data. Consequently, the process of exporting data can be finished without having to leave the location. That being said, continue reading the article below to find out the exact actions needed to finish the email routing function.

A Trustworthy Method for Changing Thunderbird Emails to EML

There are several email converter programs available, but choosing the best one can be challenging because data security and confidentiality are crucial considerations. It is thus strongly advised that you make use of Softaken Thunderbird Converter's most recent version. With complete accuracy and data security, it helps you convert data from Thunderbird files to EML files on Windows. Both expert and non-technical users can export Thunderbird emails to EML format simultaneously with ease, thanks to the design of this third-party program.

One of this solution's finest characteristics is the batch data migration strategy it provides. As a result, contacts, calendar entries, and nail mailboxes can all be easily imported or exported from Thunderbird to the Windows EMI format. You might easily export files with the use of the quick procedures given below.

How Can I Use the Thunderbird Converter to Export Emails from Thunderbird?

• Open Windows and launch the Softaken Thunderbird Converter program.


• After adding or uploading Thunderbird files by choosing your oven or using the "Configured files" option, click Nest.

• The selected files will be listed after the software has launched. They have been examined; use them as necessary.

• Save the produced flies by selecting "EME. file type" from the file saving menu and clicking "Browse." Hit "Next."


• Use the various "sub-options" that are offered by your needs. Examples include the many attachment file storage options and the file-natting alternatives.

• You can observe the software program's "Live Conversion Screen" by itself, which is currently used to show the data transfer process.

• When the remaining steps are finished, the application will show "Complete Conversion." To complete the conversion, click "OK.".

• Navigate to the location of the stored file to review or see the created files.


Note: To test out Thunderbird Converter for Windows, download the free trial version and see how it works. It also offers a free functional demo. More than 20 files can be extracted simultaneously thanks to the conversion.

Among the best features of the Softaken Thunderbird Converter are:

• An application with a very helpful interface was provided to let people export emails from Thunderbird to FML format regularly.

• Enables a multiple file migration method to be used to export Thunderbird likes in bulk to the EMI file format on Windows OS.

• Provides everything needed for a hassle-free Thunderbird email conversion to EML format, including contacts, calendar items, and emails.

• Several add-on options, like the File Converting Option and the Additional Attachment File Cannerving Option, are available to make it simpler for customers to complete the exporting process.

Every Windows version, including Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Vista. The program works flawlessly with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and other functioning versions.

Final Words of Closure

Thunderbird to PST Conversion for Windows email export is now simple with the latest version of Timaderbird Converter for Windows. With this program, you can handle many file formats at once, including EML file format with no data loss at all. Try out the Windows Thunderbird Converter by downloading the sample version to see how well it works. You can test the application's features and capabilities by downloading the free demo edition. it is also accessible for download.

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