How to Use Keyword Research to Boost Your Medium Content's Visibility

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Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing keywords that have high search volume and low competition and can be used to optimize content for better visibility. It is an invaluable tool for improving your Medium content's visibility, as it makes it easier for people to find you on the platform. By targeting keywords with high-volume searches, you can increase traffic to your content by appearing at the top of Google or other search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, using related keywords helps ensure that your content reaches a wider audience since they may not necessarily use the exact same terms when searching. With keyword research, you can craft more effective titles and descriptions that will help draw attention from potential readers.


Getting Started With Keyword Research

When it comes to keyword research, the first step is to identify keywords that are relevant to your target audience. To do this, you can use resources such as SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner. These tools provide insights into what people are searching for in relation to the topics you write about. By using them, you can hone in on the exact phrases that will draw readers' attention and optimize your content for visibility.

Once you have identified some potential keywords that apply to your niche or topic, it is time to find related terms or variations of these words that may also be used when people search online. This helps expand your reach, as different users may not always search using exactly the same terms, but they would still benefit from seeing your content if it contains related words. Additionally, targeting a broader range of key phrases increases the chances of appearing near the top of SERPs since there will be fewer competitors using those specific terms.

Finally, once you have gathered all of this information about likely-to-be successful keywords, you should craft titles and descriptions around them so that more readers can discover your work through organic searches on Medium or other platforms like Google. This involves including both targeted primary keywords as well as any related secondary ones that could bring additional traffic while reinforcing relevancy at the same time, thereby increasing engagement with potential readers!


Using Keywords to Craft your Content

Once you have identified the relevant keywords to target, it is important to use them strategically in order to optimize your content. This involves creating titles and descriptions that are both search engine optimized (SEO) as well as engaging for potential readers. When crafting titles, try to include primary keywords at the beginning of the title while avoiding “clickbait” phrases, which could lead people away from your work rather than towards it. Additionally, secondary related keywords can also be used throughout a piece of content or within its description in order to reinforce relevancy and draw attention from browsers who may not have initially searched using those terms specifically.

In addition to SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, optimizing your content with other strategies, such as including internal links or adding images or videos, can help boost visibility on Medium. Internal links direct readers around your page so they don't become overwhelmed by too much written text, thus increasing engagement time spent on your post, which will signal higher value when algorithms consider ranking you among other pieces of content. Finally, utilizing visuals such as pictures or videos gives an additional glimpse into what people can expect before reading any further, making them more likely to click through and explore further!


Tracking your Keyword Performance

Once you have identified the keywords that are best suited for optimizing your content for visibility, it is important to track their performance over time. This can be done by creating a tracking spreadsheet in which each keyword's data can be stored and updated on a regular basis. This will help you identify any changes in rankings or search volume so that adjustments can be made as needed. Additionally, analytics tools such as Google Search Console or other third-party programs can also provide useful insights into how specific keywords are performing; this includes metrics such as average position, click-through rate (CTR), and number of impressions within SERPs.

To further evaluate the success of particular terms, it is beneficial to utilize A/B testing techniques, where two versions of an article containing different keywords or phrases are published simultaneously and their performance is compared against one another. This allows you to gain an understanding of what works best with your target audience since users may react differently depending on the language used when searching online, thus providing valuable insight into which words should be targeted more heavily moving forward.

Ultimately, tracking your keyword performance helps create a better picture of how users find and interact with your content on Medium, allowing you to make necessary improvements while ensuring maximum exposure for all your hard work!


Utilizing other Content Distribution Channels

Sharing content on social media platforms has become an essential part of any content marketing strategy. Not only does it allow for your content to be seen by a larger audience, but it also builds relationships with those potential readers and gives them the opportunity to engage in conversations around the topics you write about. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great places to start when attempting to distribute Medium posts; these sites can help provide additional exposure while further increasing engagement levels. Additionally, having followers share or comment on your post will increase its visibility even more, as people's friends and connections may then see what is being discussed, drawing in even more potential readers!

Another approach for distributing content outside of Medium is through influencers. Influencers are people who have large followings online due to their expertise or authority within certain subjects or industries; these individuals often have dedicated fans who trust their opinions, which makes them powerful resources when trying to reach new audiences. Reaching out to relevant influencers (either directly or through companies that specialize in this type of work) can lead to collaborations where they promote your work via their own channels, giving you access to hundreds if not thousands of prospective readers without having to do much extra work yourself!

Finally, another effective way of getting people interested in reading your articles involves submitting them to relevant subreddits on Reddit (r/Medium). This allows users within those communities who may already be passionate about a certain topic the chance to discover something new, potentially bringing some additional attention to what you wrote! Subreddits tend to be very active, so make sure that each submission follows whatever rules the moderators have set up before posting anything there; doing otherwise could lead to censure from other users as well as possible account suspensions depending on how serious the violation was deemed.



Keyword research is essential for the visibility of content on Medium or any other platform. It helps ensure that potential readers can discover your work through organic searches and encourages higher engagement rates, which often result in increased views. Additionally, utilizing related terms alongside primary keywords can help increase the reach of a post even further, as users may not always search using exact phrases but could still benefit from seeing your piece if it contains related words. Moreover, tracking keyword performance over time will give you an understanding of what works best with your target audience; this can be done through analytics tools such as Google Search Console or A/B testing two versions of an article containing different keywords or phrases. Finally, sharing content on social media platforms and collaborating with influencers are great ways to further increase exposure outside of Medium, while submitting posts to relevant subreddits gives passionate communities within Reddit a chance at discovering something new! All these strategies combined should help create an effective approach towards optimizing content for maximum visibility, enabling more people to find and appreciate all the hard work you put into each piece!

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