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Keeping your employees happy is essential for your business. It keeps your business succeeding and helps to grow your company even more. It isn't just providing them with a competitive salary either. Employees are also looking for other bonuses, opportunities to grow within a company and plenty of perks when working for your company. 

What Does An Employee Look For? 

If you want to keep some of your best employees, you must ensure you are doing the right things. It will help improve overall team morale but also enhance performance, resulting in more success for your business. There are many things that an employee wants/ needs. 

Firstly, they want to work in a team which is happy and very motivated. If the overall morale is low, people won't want to work there or put in maximum effort. Another thing employees look for is high employee retention. They don't want to work for a company that struggles to keep their employees. They would prefer to work for a company looking to expand their business. 

Something else that employees want to see when working for a company is that they want employees to have good punctuality. They don't want their employees to be off sick. They want their employees to be on time and help with the workload instead of creating more. 

Once a company puts their employees first by putting their physical, mental, emotional and financial needs first, they will soon see the benefit. Once employees realise their value inside the company, they will put more effort into their work and return much bigger rewards. 

The Wants and Needs For Employees

If you want to improve overall team morale in your company, you have to fulfil the needs of your employees. 

Competitive Salary

Giving employees the salary they deserve is very important for keeping them happy. Make sure you are reviewing their work and then review their salary. See if they are overperforming and give them a pay rise if they are. It doesn't need to be salary increases either. It can also be end-of-quarter bonuses or an annual bonus. 

Health and Well-Being

It is something everybody looks for when working for a company. Employees will want to know that a company cares for their mental and physical well-being. Yes, getting the job done is important but the employee needs to be healthy. If an employee isn't healthy, they aren't going to perform at work. Additionally, a healthy employee won't miss work due to health reasons. 

Companies should include; fitness challenges, free health screenings, information on healthy diets, yoga or meditation sessions, healthy meals if there is a work canteen, mandatory work breaks and gym membership included with their jobs. All of these work perks will help improve the physical and mental well-being of employees. It will also improve overall team morale. 

Job Security

We all know that job security is very important for an employee. They want to know their position isn't at risk. If an employee does their job well then they need to know that their job is safe. Furthermore, a company must communicate with their employees to confirm that the company is progressing and their positions are secure. 

Career Progression

Career progression is something else an employee looks for in a company. An employee needs to understand that there is plenty of room for growth. They want to know whether or not they can increase their value to the company and pay.  

A good way to ensure an employee is developing further growth in a company is to offer free training sessions on new technology and leadership courses. A company must also check in with their employees to ensure they want to progress as this is something that not everybody wants. 

Regular Feedback

Something else an employee will look for is confirmation they are doing well. They also want areas in which they can improve. Once you give your employees feedback, it is up to them to take it on board.

In annual meetings with your employees, you should give them feedback. You should also ask them what they want you to improve. It will give more confidence and they know that they are having an impact on the company's growth. 

Employees Look For Leadership

Employees want to see strong leaders inside their company. They want leaders who establish expectations and give goals for them to achieve. It is essential that within your company, you have team leaders and managers who prioritise communication with employees. Additionally, they cannot shelter away from something going wrong. They must own up to it and be a role model for the other employees. 

Personal and Professional Goals

Employees also look to have personal and professional goals in their lives. Give your employees goals which they should aim to achieve. It will help them understand what they need to achieve and motivate them to work harder. 

Employees must understand the long-term goal of a business. It gives them even more motivation to do well and be a valuable asset to the company. Also, give them short-term goals which they can achieve to help progress the company. All of this is very beneficial for both the employee and the company.


If a company respects their employees, the employees will enjoy working for the company. Furthermore, if the employees are respected by their team leaders and managers, they will likely respect them back. It creates a positive environment in the workplace, allowing the team to work better together.

To show that you respect your employees, ask for feedback from them. Again, this shows you respect their opinions, especially if you follow up on their suggestions. Furthermore, you must ensure you don't show any bias when working with other employees. Treat all employees like they are equal and that way, you are showing respect to everyone.  

To Conclude

As you can see, there are many things you can offer your employees to ensure they are performing their best. As an employer, you must keep your employees happy. If you don't, they won't perform how you would like them to. 

Being a successful business isn't just about having a lot of employees working for your company. Nor is it about making a profit each year. Yes, these are both great but you also need to ensure you have low staff turnover. To do this, you need to make your employees happy in the environment they work in. Providing them with benefits such as parking in London to help with their commuting costs and the other perks which we have previously mentioned. 

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