How To Set Up A Mobile Phone Repair Shop

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Starting your own business can be extremely exciting, particularly if you are starting a business doing something that you like doing. If mobile phone repair is your thing what is stopping you from utilising this skill and creating a business?

Ensure That You Already Have Extensive Knowledge In Mobile Phone Repair

Before you make any progress in your business you must have the right knowledge and experience to be able to operate the business yourself at least at first. You can learn these skills by working at mobile phone repair shops owned and operated by other people, attending repair schools and watching YouTube videos online.

Ensure That You Have Good Customer Service Skills

You should have clear customer service skills, allowing you to effectively communicate the problem that the customer's device is facing; you also need to manage the customer's expectations whilst their device is in your care. You may also benefit from some negotiation skills to deal with customers who question the prices you are charging 

Business And Organisational Skills

Skills such as marketing, financial management and inventory management are all extremely important when it comes to owning and operating your own mobile phone repair business. You can pick these skills up by watching YouTube videos and speaking to people who own businesses themselves. Searching your questions in Google is also another excellent way to broaden your knowledge. 

Have A Business Plan

Creating a business plan allows you to make the goals and aspirations for your business seem more solid, instead of changing at a whim. This allows you to create a series of smaller goals that you can work towards, each time you achieve a smaller goal you will be one step closer to achieving your bigger goals. 

Research Your Local Competition

Researching existing mobile phone repair companies in your local area can allow you to determine if your local market is too saturated with local offerings already. By researching the competition in various areas you can choose an area to set up your business that has a good level of potential customer footfall and lower levels of competition. Choosing the right location is one of the most important considerations you will make as a business. By researching your competition you can understand what services they offer and their marketing efforts. You can then use this information to make an even better business model than the rest!

Have The Right Business Name

Choosing the right business name can be a make-or-break moment for your business, as choosing a catchy name that suits the services that you offer can cause customers to think of your business whenever they have a technical problem with their mobile devices. However, the wrong business name can repulse customers from your business. If you are struggling for inspiration why not have a look at mobile repair stores around the country and take some inspiration from other companies' names? 

Diversify Your Services

It may be that you start your business only offering specific services as you find your footing, however, once you feel stable as a business you can then add extra services that you did not previously offer. This will mean that your business will appeal to a wider customer base and customers may bring several items of tech in to be repaired at the same time. 

Utilise The Power Of Social Media 

Social media marketing can be a powerful marketing tool for a tech repair business as you can advertise your services and post the reviews of customers who have used your service in the hopes that this will encourage new customers to use your services. You could also engage your social media audience in a competition that involves them sharing a post of yours in return for potentially winning a prize or discount on your services. 

Take Digital Precautions When It Comes To Customers Devices

Operating a tech repair business puts you in contact with people's technological devices, a small portion of which may be infected with malware. It is important to research preventative measures you can take to avoid infecting your setup whilst trying to fix the infected device. If you have cryptocurrency and you have been scammed due to your device being infected with malware you should contact crypto recovery professionals to maximise the chances of you getting your money back. 


Before you start your tech repair business it is important to do extensive research and speak to people who own or have owned tech repair businesses of their own for tips and tricks. 

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