Securing Your Backyard: Tips for Keeping Your Yard Safe

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At certain times of the year, you may find yourself more concerned about your backyard security. Summertime is especially tricky because we spend more time outdoors and tend to leave pricey items outdoors more often.

However, garden security isn't tied to seasons - it's something you should consistently prioritize throughout the year. Although burglaries may occur more frequently during certain times, you can never predict when thieves might strike.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to enhance your outdoor security system. Some are more affordable than others, but their effectiveness remains. The crucial aspect of garden security is to deter potential thieves. 

By making it challenging or complicated to break into your garden, and putting barriers to impede a quick escape, you're likely to discourage intruders and prompt them to abandon their plans.


Here are some smart ways to keep your backyard secure all year round.


Outdoor security camera

When it comes to outdoor security cameras, you have a lot of options. There are numerous designs available at different price ranges. But the rule is that the more expensive the camera the more features will have.

So, make a list of what’s important to you before purchasing an outdoor security camera. For example, you want your camera to have a 720p HD resolution, so that you can check everything in and around your fences. Of course, the higher the resolution the clearer and sharper the image, so you’ll be able to make out specific details on the video.

In addition to great resolution, some other features your outdoor security camera can have include security lights, sirens, and night vision, to name a few.


Garden security light

Garden security lights or motion sensor lights are another great solution for keeping your backyard secure. Outdoor lights can keep out intruders. 

Security lighting is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to protect your backyard and other outdoor areas. Light in the backyard means that there aren’t any shadows for intruders to hide in. 

Just like with cameras, when it comes to security lights, you have options. From timer lights, and motion sensor lights to effective solar security lights or outdoor wall lights. 

If you want an affordable option, solar lights are a good solution. They recharge during the day and switch on automatically at dusk, all you have to do is simply position them and let them work on their own.


Put up a secure fence

Your fence serves as your primary defense against intruders and it also signals private property. An intruder must cross this barrier to access your backyard, so it's generally advisable to install a tall, difficult-to-climb fence. The harder you make it for intruders to get into your backyard, the less likely will they try.

Now, a tall fence doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish and match your landscaping nicely. Thankfully, today you have many options. For fences up to 2 meters, you won’t need a permit, but anything taller than that will require permission from your local council.

Choose fencing materials that can’t be easily knocked down and as an extra security layer, you can plant some climbing plants to make scaling more difficult. For instance, roses are a great option as they have sharp thorns.


Landscape as an intruder deterrent

You can also use your landscaping to prevent intruders from getting to your property. However, be careful if you’re going to use trees and shrubs as a way to make it more difficult for intruders to get in.

Dense trees and bushes can provide cover for burglars to sneak in undetected. That’s why you need to plan your landscaping carefully. Sometimes you’ll benefit more from low-growing shrubbery that allows visual access to your gate, back door, sheds, and garages.


Keep backyard storage locked

Most backyards have sheds, storage boxes, garages, and similar storage solutions. And all these backyard storage places need to be properly secured and locked when you’re not around. It’s a common misconception that burglars won’t go inside sheds or garages looking for valuable items such as expensive barbeque or pizza ovens.

You should make things as difficult as you can for intruders. Lock your storage with padlocks and chains, don’t leave anything unlocked or out in the open for intruders to easily get to.


Get a dog

If you don’t already have one, maybe it’s time to get a dog. A dog is yet another great way to keep your backyard safe and secure. 

Dog’s barking and growling is a great way to alert potential intruders to stay away from your property. No intruder wants to face a dog and get a bite or some other injury. Getting a large dog is ideal but small ones can be equally scary.

If you can’t get a dog, you can create the illusion of having a dog by placing a warning sign on your fence indicating you have one. For added authenticity, consider placing a dog bed or food bowl on your porch.


Consider backyard insurance

Most home insurances also cover your backyard to some degree. However, to be sure check to see whether there are any limits on your insurance coverage. You may find that your bicycles are covered but only if they are secured to a fixed point or kept in locked storage.

Before settling for certain insurance, take note of any single item limits on your policies – the maximum amount a policy will pay for an individual item. 

For instance, if you have high-value items like top-of-the-line BBQs or luxury garden furniture, these could exceed the limit, and it's advisable to list such items separately on your policy.


Invest in security systems

And last but not least option you have is security systems. Alarms and similar security systems have advanced quite a bit in the last couple of decades. 

Now, you can connect them to your phone or laptop and they will send you alerts if anyone tries to get into your house or backyard. 

Alarms are also relatively inexpensive to maintain after you cover the initial installation cost. If you're unable to install an alarm, you can still attempt to deceive burglars into believing you have one. 

Placing signs or stickers around your gate and backyard with security system logos might trick intruders into thinking your home is equipped with a sophisticated alarm system and dissuade them from attempting to break in.


Bottom Line

And there you have, some of the best tips that can help you keep your backyard safe and secure. Hopefully, some of them work for you and you can secure your home and backyard.

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